All our cakes are individually designed and hand crafted. We do not use any preservatives and don't take any short cuts or use inferior ingredients. No matter how large or small your order, you will get exactly the same perfection and attention to detail for every individual cake.

We completely understand that cheaper cakes can be sourced from large supermarkets and do not seek to, nor pretend we can, compete with their prices. Our clients are looking for something different - bespoke, exquisite designs and an exceptional quality of service.


Please contact us for an exact quote but for guidance, prices start at £2 per cake for simple designs.

Our bespoke cupcake prices are:

Box of 4 cakes: £10.00
Box of 6 cakes: £15.00
Box of 12 cakes: £28.00

Fruit Cakes

Our fruit cakes are truly magnificent! They are made with the finest ingredients and are laced in Brandy. We then "feed" the cake for 8 weeks to ensure they are moist and just epic!!! Finally a layer of marzipan and fondant are added to seal in the scrumptiousness. We then decorate to your bespoke requirements and the final price depends on the complexity of those designs. We completely understand that cheaper fruit cakes are available and we do not seek to compete with the mass market. We offer a completely different product and purchasing experience and we guarantee you will be delighted when you reveive your individual and unique cake.

4 inch round - £30.00

6 inch round - £40.00

8 inch round - £50.00

10 inch round - £60.00

12 inch round - £75.00

Sponge Cakes

We are famous for our gorgeous, moist sponge cakes - baked using only the finest ingredients. They come layered with buttercream and jam and covered in luxurious fondant. We then work with you to ensure your vision or the decoration of the cake is just perfect for the occasion.

Prices are dependent on complexity.

6 inch round - £35.00

8 inch round - £45.00

10 inch round - £55.00

12 inch round - £65.00

Celebration tiered sponge cakes (iced with buttercream filling and assembled) prices from (depending on complexity or decoration):

Two tiers-

6 & 8 inch round - £130.00

8 & 10 inch round - £150.00

10 & 12 inch round - £190.00

Three tiers-

6/8/10 inch round - £270.00

8/10/12 inch round - £300.00

If you are planning a wedding or large celebration we would like to meet with you to discuss in detail your exact vision, to ensure you get the cakes of your dreams. We prefer to deliver wedding cakes directly to the venue to ease your stress and ensure they all arrive perfectly for your big day. We are experienced in catering for large numbers and also have cake stands available for you to borrow.

We look forward to hearing from you.